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Happy Halloween! - Contest for October - 2023

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Working on a custom order for a Halloween decoration. 10% off coupon/voucher to the 1st person who guesses it right from various platforms. Max 1 coupon per person. Please DM us your guesses. Once the correct answer is received, we will post that the contest is won. But you can still guess on other platforms! If you do win a coupon, please don't give away the answer until we post that all coupons have been won. Thank you all, and have a good time!

Clue #1 - Based on a character from a franchise loved by all ages.

Clue #2 - The franchise in question includes video games, animated shows & movies, as well as a card game and multpile board games.

Current progress of the mystery print. Also Clue #3 - This monster made his first appearance very early in the franchise and has contiinued to be popular in the intervening years.

UPDATE: TikTok has had a winner. So there will be no more updates there. Be sure to check the other pages for continuing clues!

Probably the last progress pic of this piece of the print. Can' make it too easy. Also Clue #4 - it is a special version of the monster. Think upcoming holidays.

Update: We have a winner for the coupon from the business facebook! As such there will be no more updates or clues posted there. 4 more coupons remain as of 15:42 Eastern on 10/23/2023.

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